Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Skirmish Report - TSD M4 R.I.S.

Monday, May 5, 2008

We had a great skirmish on Sat. (5-3-08) and by all accounts a lot of fun was had.

The games consisted of simple team deathmatch and attack and defend scenarios and the night ended up pretty close to even.

The TSD M4 RIS was put through its paces and it shined. The battery lasted the entire period of play (Roughly 3.5 hours) and there was not too much drop in ROF. (Most likely due to the large 1500mah bat).

We will be using this gun as a project gun and TSD sent us one of their tightbore barrels in addition to an upgraded piston, piston head, spring and hop up. Accuracy was good stock, but we wanted to see how things improved with the TB istalled.
With the 6.03mm tightbore barrel the accuracy was pretty good with max effective range around 150'.

FPS was consitant at around 335 with very little fluctuation and this was actually quite impressive.

With the exception of the foregrip "Slop" this offering was a very solid performer.

Over all the skirmish went nicely and there was a great mix of guns in play. From the standard fare M16 and AK to the M14 and the AUG.

Perhaps even more importantly, we were able to get a small glimpse of what this AEG can do.

Things look promising and I expect to keep the TSD M4 RIS on its toes with games to come.



Konrad said...

Update guys, we have finished filming on the quality review and will hopefully finish the firing report later this afternoon.

Stay tuned!

Konrad said...

FYI, as tested the Stock M4 RIS is shooting between 328 and 350 FPS with most shots coming in at approx. 335 fps.

ROF is 14 bb/sec +/- 1

Max effective range is 125 feet with max range topping out at around 140'.

Over all the test have gone well.

Look for the video to appear in about 7 days from today (Its filmed, its not in the editing stage).


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