Saturday, August 30, 2008

TSD SD 87 and 88 Shotgun Review

Here is the video guys and gals!

These little babies turned out to be pretty slick pieces of hardware.
TSD SD 87 - Tri Shot
Quality Report

  • Product Summary: TSD SD87 - Three Shot Burst
  • Cost: $98.00 MSRP
  • Source: TSD
  • Gun Type: Pump Action, Spring Powered
  • Average FPS: 220-230 (.2g bbs)
  • Max Effective Range: 80 ft
  • Pros: 3 shots per trigger pull! Good fit and finish, nicely painted sights, metal barrel and loading tube and a great shotgun shell saddle holder.
  • Cons: Cocking effort is on the heavy side, FPS and accuracy are low, no adjustable hop up potentially cumbersome maneuverability.
  • Editor's opinion: Its a shotgun and it performs in that role pretty well. Don't get the SD87 to hit the bulls eye, rather, get it to hit the whole bull. Throw in the ability to slam fire (go easy on this feature) and you've got yourself a potent room clearer! Don't worry about the velocity, because at close range you won't need any more.

TSD SD 88 - Single Shot

  • Product Summary: TSD SD 88 - Single Shot
  • Cost: $48.00 MSRP
  • Source: TSD
  • Gun Type: Pump Action, Spring Powered
  • Average FPS: 370-380 (.2g bbs)
  • Max Effective Range: 125'
  • Pros: Surprisingly good accuracy and power, relatively light pump action, capability of firing multiple bbs, decent included extras, good maneuverability.
  • Cons: Sub par fit and finish, noticeable seems, poorly painted sights little or no metal external parts.
  • Editor's opinion: The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is applicable to this offering. But don't let looks alone be the deciding factor. Its surprisingly accurate and very maneuverable due to its short barrel. The power handily out flies many AEGs and the (unofficial) ability to load multiple bbs by partially racking the slide makes for a decent "shotgun" type airsoft gun. Further, you can slam fire the SD88 and although we've heard that this can wear out the parts pre-maturely, we have yet to encounter a failure. For such a low price this offering is something to be looked at as a backup, or even just a really fun backyard plinker!

TSD SD87 and SD88 Firing Report


Anonymous said...

Looks good. I has a question though. Are the shells for either shotgun compatible with each other. I expect they would, but I can't find any reading on it. I just don't want to order extra shells and find I'm wrong.

Konrad said...


great question and the answer is "yes" the SD88 shells work with the SD87 and the SD87 shells work with/in the SD88.

We wondered the same thing and we have found no problems with swapping out the shell mags.

The only difference is the that the SD87 (Tri Burst) has shiny brass looking faux metal ringed shells where as the SD88 (Single Fire) has a dull matte faux metal.

From what I can tell the difference in the feeding is done within the gun. Meaning as long as the shell has the same diameter as the feed port, the number of bbs pulled from the mag is based on the gun, not the design of the shell.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

The SD87 is modeled after the Benelli M3 shotgun. The real steal M3 is capable of both pump action and semi automatic fire. The lever at the front of the gun is the selector switch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that answers it and more. Everywhere I look, extra shell mags are listed as "TM or SD87 compatible." So now I know. Onward to Airsplat!

Konrad said...


I appreciate that tidbit.

I seem to recall hearing something to that effect around the forums, but it must have slipped my mind.

Thanks for posting!


Anonymous said...

As for the lever in front of the pump. There is also one on the UTG tri shot m3. As far as i know, I THINK it is a lever to switch between the "automatic" and "pump-action" on a Real steel piece.

and no function on an airsoft piece. purely cosmetic.

Rawrsaur said...

Function of selector switch can be seen here:

funatschool said...

Where can you buy these guns?

Konrad said...

@ Funatschool,

Our test models were supplied by TSD directly.

However, I tried a keyword search for "TSD SD87" and got top hits from as well as

Both retailers long track records in the industry and you should be able to find even more sources.



Unknown said...

Good review for the 88, I was thinking of getting the gun and what really sold me was the firing test. Good job on that one to. Is there any way that you guys could show the accuracy of the spread shot? or is the spread shot similar to the 87?

Konrad said...


I will try to get that data up over the holidays.

I can't promise it will be before christmas, but Ill definitely work on it.



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