Saturday, August 30, 2008


The good people from from have sent us a brand new toy to test! The ICS MP5 A4 looks like it will go far in our test stable and at $154.95, its not a bad deal considering that it is apperantly identical to $249.95 metal bodied counterpart.

First, this will be the first ICS product to grace our tests and we are excited to put the good name to through the ringer.

The package arrived yesterday and so we have not had much time to really put this little baby through the full battery of tests.

However, off the bat the offering is shooting a consistent 300 fps +/- 1 fps. In my experience, consistent velocity is the hallmark of a quality airgun. While we have not yet taken advantage of the quick disassembly feature, my guess is that the ICS unit will have nice compression in the cylender and good seals both in the nozzle and the hop up unit.

The ROF was not 950 ROF, however, that is almost certainly due to the fact that we simply slapped a hald charged battery in the stock.

Speaking of the stock, it can house a full sized 1800 Mah/8.4 volt battery although its a bit of a squeeze, its really nothing too bad. Plus unlike many other battery compartments, this one is nice and rectangular, so the battery fits in without any crazy maneuvering.

The "Heat sink" on the bottom of the grip is a neat idea and well have to see if it has any noticable affect on the extended performance of the motor. Still we like where ICS's head is at.

Any one who has been around the sport for a bit will immediately recognize the classic lines of the MP5, and this one does not stray from the norm in that regard. However, where the ICS offering leaves some of its competitors is in the fit and finish department.

The ICS MP5 has a finish that seems to be a cut above some of its competition and the infamous selector switch beats both Echo 1 and Classic Army in the positive engagement category. Our test model provided an tactile and audible "Click" when it was moved from the various positions.

As many MP5 airsoft owners know this can be a major source of irritation if the switch is not engineered properly. Time and testing will tell if the ICS can hold on to this advantage after the testing process is completed.

Look for some video and pictures to be coming soon!



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