Friday, August 8, 2008

Long term test results

After having many of our guns for a while now, I figured I would update everyone as to the latest on our test results.

-A&K M249 SAW PARA - Going strong with nary a whiff of trouble. The electric box mag is FLAWLESS! It has fed easily 10,000 bbs since we got it and is still on the first set of 2 AA batteries. We have put a TSD tightbore barrel in it and this has helped the accuracy even more. This is my favorite piece and is my skirmish weapon in woodland games.

-CA G36C - The selector switch has come loose and is now non functioning on the right side. The battery compartment wiring also got pulled apart. This may have been user error, but it has not happened with any other gun we have tested. Also, we had its mag break so that the nub that keeps the bbs from spilling out has no tension on it. (The spring broke the plastic mount that kept it in place). This has rendered the mag less useful. The fit and finish of the gun remain intact and when it does fire, it remains steady at about 300 fps with ROF higher than some at around 16 -18 bps (Estimate).

- E1 G36C - This is one of our first airsoft guns and it has not let us down yet. Its accuracy, velocity and reliability have made it a favorite on the field.

-E1 M14 Socom - This offering definitely provides some "Intimidation" on the field as it looks ready to rumble. For the most part this seems deserved, as our test model has gone through many hands in many skirmishes and continues to provide reliable and accurate performance.

-JG AK Spetz - The comeback kid of the test arsenal. Our test model suffered from some quirks early on in the testing and died at the end of one of our videos. A disassembly, cleaning and reassembly have brought the slick gun back from the dead and it is now functioning great!

-JG Steyr AUG - Our second AUG has been nothing but good to us until our last skirmish. It started to misfeed and jam on us. It is possibel that the magazine is worn out (As we have used it A LOT) but as of right now the cause of the malfunction is unknown.

-TSD M4 RIS - The gun has performed well during the games that we have used it in. However, through no fault of its own, it is currently in drydock for upgrades. Will update when the upgrades are done.

- TSD UMP - An unknown problem has struck our UMP and it fires sporadically. It has not been abused, but it has been unused for some time. We will be inspecting it internally to determine the cause of the problem.

-TSD M9 GBB - Our test model has seen better days. Partly this is due to the fine florida sand in which our test model has been dropped. Due to the open slide design that Beretta utilizes, the fine sand granules have fouled up the works. Luckily a thorough cleaning helped, but the gun is still not functioning perfectly. More cleaning is necessary and I am considering disassembling the entire gun and soaking each part in a lubricant bath.

- TSD SD87 3-Burst Shotgun - We havn't had these testers for too long, but we have skirmished with them several times now. The tri-burst function on the 87 is fun to use and funcitonal in CQB situations. It shoots a little lower than advertised, (225 FPS) is what we clocked, but that doesnt concern us given that the shots are consistently at the 225 fps mark and bc it is a cqb type gun, it should not have high velocity anyway for saftey reasons.

TSD SD88 - This compact shotgun surprised us with its accuracy and power. It isn't the prettiest belle at the ball, but it performs well for the money. It has turned into our favorite plinker because of its accuracy and its power gives most AEGs a run for its money. As a shotgun, it may not be the most effective at spreading bbs, but you can rack the slide several times and create a "Shot" pattern of 3-6 bbs. They won't be traveling all that fast, but in close quarters, you won't need them too. Also, the gun has withstood a decent amount of "Slam firing" without complaint. Only time will tell how much the gun will take this treatment, but after all, thats what we want to know.

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