Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ICS MP5 A4 Sportline Quality Report

ICS MP5 A4 Sportline
Quality Report

Pt. 1

ICS MP5 A4 Sportline
Quality Report

Pt. 2

ICS MP5 A4 Sportline
Quality Report

Pt. 3

Quality Report

Pt. 4

  • Product Summary: ICS MP5 A4 Sportline and Deepfire M120 Spring
  • Cost: $154.95 (AEG) and $11.95 (Spring) MSRP
  • Source: Airsplat
  • Gun Type: AEG
  • Average FPS: 335 (.2g bbs)
  • Max Effective Range: 140 ft
  • Pros: Good fit and finish for a plastic body, useful rear sight assembly, excellent gearbox good long range accuracy selector switch is provides more tactile feedback than many, full metal magazines that cycled a large number of bbs.
  • Cons: Test model came with a bad spring and required replacement before max. FPS was achieved, the fire selector switch could have more positive click in.
  • Editor's opinion: The ICS MP5 A4 Sportline was a mixed bag for us. The spring issue was a great dissapointment as this was the first ICS product we've tested. Based on our research ICS has an excellent reputation and thus, we have conlcuded that our model's malfunction was an isolated incident. Further, when the spring was replaced, the gun functioned flawlessly. We suspect that the gun may have been shipped from the factory with the spring inadvertently compressed, causing it to lose some of its tension by the time it reached our shop. Once the spring was swapped out this AEG performed well. We would give the gun slightly above average overall marks rating at a B- though it would have recieved an A grade but for the spring issue.
  • Final Grade: B-


Unknown said...

I have a question, I really want to get this gun but I want to upgrade it to a higher fps so what else would I need to upgrade on this gun other than a better spring.

Konrad said...


the simplest way to up the FPS is to use a tight bore barrel. This should had between 10 and 15 or so fps per shot, consistently. The beauty of this type of upgrade is that it won't put any significant additional stress on the internals and it will improve the guns accuracy.

With the m110 spring (The one we tested with) and the Tight bore (TB) barrel, you could expect velocity in the 335-350 range. Truthfully, I wouldn't advice going too much above the 350fps mark for safety reasons. Most fields won't allow fps of full auto aegs to exceed 350 anyway.

However, if you feel you need to the next logical step would be to increase the spring tension. Going to an m120 spring would probably yield fps in the 350-370 range, possibly up to 375 with the TB barrel.

Fortunately, the ICS mech box is pretty tough in its stock form, so my guess is you won't HAVE to upgrade your gears, but your ROF will drop somewhat.

Also, anytime you start putting high stress on the internals, you'll need to be prepared to replace them as they will break down sooner.

I would strongly suggest that you get acquainted with the gear box very well before you decide to go down this upgrade path.

Take a look at http://www.mechbox.com for some GRADE A guides on the subject.

Unknown said...

Thanks that first part was very helpful but I have another thing you can most likely help me with...the battery. I really want to get the best and biggest battery I can possibly get for this gun because I know it doesn't come with one. And also the charger.

Konrad said...


there are several battery websites out there that offer great deals and the ability to customize the battery pack.

There are so many, I would encourage you to simply type in Airsoft Battery, or even more simply, "batteries".

The compartment in the solid stock can easily accomidate an 1800 mah battery and I suspect you could get close to 3000 Mah.

However, I have not specifically measured the bat compartment.

I would not recommend going above 9.6 volts or going to Lipo batteries at first.

Start with a more tried and true set up until you become better acquainted with the gun and the internals.

You'll have more than enough power out of a 9.6v 1800 Mah bat.



Unknown said...

ok I think I have the battery I would like to get I'm just wondering what kind of charger?

Here is the battery Im looking at from airsplat.com: http://airsplat.com/Items/AC-BT-96S3000-L.htm

also do you think it will fit? well I hope so....

airsoftflorida said...

i thinking hard about this gun.but Im not experienced about the batterys and chargers so if you could help find a battery that works in this gun and will give it about averge preformence thanks

Konrad said...

@ AirsoftFlorida,

This gun can have a really nice rate of fire if you put a 9.6 volt battery into it.

If you get a solid stock version like the one we tested, you should be able to fit an 1800 Mah battery in there without a problem and that will give you plenty of power.

As for chargers, I would consider a quick charger such as something like this

This type of tool will last you a while and it can charge a battery fully in under an hour (Sometimes much less depending on the battery size).

Also, get an extra mag or two as you will burn through the magazines quite quickly using a 9.6volt battery.



Unknown said...

i would like to now if the battery conector was a mini or large type thanks airsoftflorida

Konrad said...

The battery compartment can house a large style battery and I believe that it is a large type battery.

I will have to check that to verify it though.

However, you can easily make or buy the adapter that will allow you to go from the mini type connector to the larger type.

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