Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RAP4 Bazooka Incoming!

You're heart is pounding and time has slowed to a crawl. You look around and all you feel like you're in a dream. Rounds are spraying everywhere and you're men are being hit left and right.

You and your team have been assigned to storm the emplacement and the enemy is putting up fierce resistance.

Their positions are well dug in and your weaponry can't penetrate their fortifications. You're position is precarious at best and you're team's numbers are dwindling. All looks to be lost, until you remember that there is a way forward.

You just happen to have a secret weapon and you pull it off your shoulder. Before you can bring hell to the enemy, you've got a quick decision to make. Which round are you going to use?

You evaluate the situation;

You see that the target bunker with the largest number of enemy troops has a half circle fence that is preventing your men from getting a good bead on the enemy. What you need is a method of delivering an effective payload in a non-linear manner. In other words you need to lob a round up and over the fence.

Enter the RAP4 Bazooka. This lean, mean blasting machine can do the job of both a rocket launcher and a mortar. It runs off of CO2 just like a paintball gun and it can launch paintballs, paint grenades and nerf rockets.

Right now, you need your shot to count and the grenade is just the munition for this job.
You drop the round in the tube, attach it to the pin remover and place in the paper towel wadding so as to allow for smooth compression.

Its go time and bbs are flying around you thick and fast. There is no time for second guesses as you run out into the open for a clear shot. As if in slow motion, you see the enemy guns start to swing inyour direction. You can see the bbs as they are tracing their way through the dirt towards you. You raise the muzzle for an arcing trajectory and just as the first bbs start to kick up dust at your feet, you pull the trigger...

A resounding "Thump!" is let out as the payload clears the tube and is lifted skyward. As the paper wadding falls to the ground, you see that your gamble paid off. The grenade landed right smack in the middle of a dozen bewildered enemy. Before any of the stunned opposition could react the grenade cooked off and sent a spray of paint in a 15 foot diameter.

As a collective cry of disgust goes up from the bunker, you realize that you've just taken out %90 off the opposing force from 75' away!

Your forces regroup and triumphantly storm the emplacements. You've just turned the tide on the enemy and drawn victory from the jaws of defeat. You've got the RAP4 Bazooka grenade launcher.

OK ok, so MAYBE...we exaggerate a bit and as always we will have to let the facts play out as they will. But! based upon the video we have seen of this rig in operation, we expect that the above scenario will not be too hard to replicate.

Thats right ASR fans, if all goes well we will be testing the Real Action Paintball Bazooka Grenade Launcher before the year is out!

We'll try to contain our drool until the package arrives. Rest assured that we will be posting a video review of this piece as soon as we can!

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