Sunday, January 4, 2009

Classic Army AR-10 Quality Report

  • Product Summary: Classic Army AR-10
  • Cost: $369.99 MSRP
  • Source: Spartan Imports
  • Gun Type: AEG
  • Average FPS: 400+ (.2g, .23g)
  • Max Effective Range: 175 ft
  • Pros: Excellent Range, good accuracy, great fit and finish with lots of metal parts, large battery compartment, fun and functional bolt release lever, beefy sights, lots of rails, average ROF.
  • Cons: Overly sensitive mag release button, some minor finish blemishes on plastic hardware, battery access somewhat limited, average ROF, heavy (might not be a con), multiple sizes of allen screw used in construction.
  • Editor's opinion: These days, if you've come in contact with the airsoft world even a little bit, you've probably seen the AR/M16/M4 variant done to death. Sure, its America's weapon of choice for good reason, but lots of airsofters want to make a statement. Some like to go all out and we see them on the field shirtless and sporting a mohawk as if daring the other team to install hundreds of extra nipples all over their bodies. For those of us who are happy with our stock nipple count, there is the AR-10. Sure it was originally designed by Eugene Stoner (Father of the M16), but its NOT an M16. Its the much lesser known, but possibly superior AR-10 with a facelift for the 21st Century. It looks like an M16 thats been hitting the gym, but its got some unique sight lines if you look closely enough. Its a sleeper and it will leave a lot of competition in its dust. If not for a few relatively minor quirks this gun would have aced the tests. That said, it has performed very well in actual skirmishing and will undoubtedly form a benchmark for future tests.
  • Final Grade: A-

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on this airsoft gun!

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